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what makes Dry Eye worse

eye mask for dry eyes

You’re More Likely to Suffer Dry Eye as You Age

Someday You May Need an Eye Mask for Dry Eyes

You might experience dry eye syndrome (DES) at any age, but this uncomfortable eye health condition becomes more common as people grow older. The issue may occur due to a range of external factors, from undergoing laser eye surgery, to using certain medications, to developing Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Fortunately, treatments can be very helpful in managing DES, such as the routine application of an eye mask for dry eyes. If you do experience dry eye, addressing it as soon as possible is crucial for your comfort and your health.Read More »You’re More Likely to Suffer Dry Eye as You Age

Makeup makes Dry Eye worse

Makeup Can Exacerbate Dry Eye

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If you experience chronic Dry Eye Disease (DED), examining all the impacts to your eyes’ health will help create an effective treatment plan. In particular, if you use makeup regularly, think carefully about what types of cosmetics you use, and how you apply it.

Makeup and dry eye are not always a winning combination! And this holds true for a variety of cosmetics and causes of Dry Eye Disease. You don’t want to stop applying makeup, of course, if it is an important part of your lifestyle. But you necessarily need to stop using cosmetics near the eyes when symptoms flare, and switch to different cosmetic materials that treat your eyes better. Below we offer a few easy tips to help to keep your eyes in optimal shape.

Eye Makeup and Dry Eye

When you suffer from the symptoms of DED, you know how sensitive your eyes can get. Redness, itchiness, burning, and watering all signal that you may have chronic dry eye disease. And in over 85% of cases, you could suffer from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). When battling the painful symptoms of DED, the last thing your eyes need is a foreign substance adding its own extra irritations.

For further information about how to wear makeup and manage your Dry Eye symptoms, Dr. Laura Periman and Dr. Leslie O’Dell share their expertise here. (Dr’s O’Dell and Periman serve on EyeGiene’s Scientific Advisory Board.)Read More »Makeup Can Exacerbate Dry Eye