EyeGiene Dry Eye Treatments
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Pioneering Dry Eye Treatment

EyeGiene® began with a simple vision: providing safe and natural relief to sufferers of dry eye. Board Certified Ophthalmologist Barry J. Linder MD, MS, knew the benefits of heat therapy as a treatment for dry eye disease but realized it was not an accessible option to all patients. Dr. Linder set out to address this problem with the creation of the EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth System™.

Our system is uniquely portable and convenient, allowing patients to experience precision heat therapy without needing to boil water or use of a microwave. Today, patients all over the world find dry eye relief through the EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth System™.

Eyedetec Medical

Headquartered in Northern California, Eyedetec Medical specializes in medical devices for the treatment of dry eyes and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Our first product, the EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth System™, is a medical device indicated for the treatment of dry eyes, with US FDA 510(k) review.

Eyedetec Medical Inc - Dry Eye Treatment Innovations

Eyedetec’s growth is fueled by our passion to deliver product solutions that meet patients’ needs in a convenient, user-friendly, effective, comfortable, and affordable manner.

To achieve our vision, Eyedetec is developing the next generation therapy to treat dry eye disease in doctors’ offices. This device will use a patented mechanism of action to mobilize lipids from within the glands of the eyelids, thereby naturally stabilizing and restoring the tear film. EyeGiene will still be used at home as a maintenance therapy. The goal remains providing patients’ with relief from the discomforts of dry eye.

Making a Global Impact

Dry eye is a universal problem affecting over 350,000,000 people worldwide. Through EyeGiene®, we are able to provide dry eye relief all over the world: