EyeGiene Dry Eye Treatments
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About Us

About Us

A Simple & Safe Treatment Method with a Money-Back Guarantee

Natural Treatment

For Dry Eyes, Blepharitis and Styes

Convenient, Easy and Rapid Treatment

Anytime & Anywhere

Relieve Eye Fatigue

After Prolonged Digital Screen Viewing

A Simple & Safe Treatment Method with a Money-Back Guarantee

The EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth System medical device includes precision warming technology to ensure the warming treatment is applied in the perfect position and at the ideal temperature, for the right length of time. Our entire system is completely portable, and can be used anywhere; no boiling or microwave required. The EyeGiene® system safely and conveniently delivers the right temperature for the right amount of time to relieve your Dry Eye symptoms.

And if you are not satisfied with your results, we offer a money-back guarantee!

A Relaxing Way to Normalize the Natural Tear Film

Your EyeGiene® experience begins when you slip the disposable Warming Wafers into the ultra-soft eye mask, get comfortable, and relax. Within minutes, the wafers begin to administer their precision warming treatment.

For the next 10-15 minutes, you simply unwind as the light application of therapeutic warmth and relaxation encourage your eyelid glands to release their natural soothing oils onto the eye surface.