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FAQs and More

FAQs and More


Evaporative dry eyes are caused by a lack of meibomian gland oil (lipids) being supplied to the tear film on the surface of the eye. The EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth System™ warms the eyelid, thinning meibomian gland oil, thereby allowing it to flow more easily onto the surface of the eye..

That’s the beauty of the EyeGiene® System; it’s portable and convenient, so no need to microwave it, boil it, or put in on the stove. Simply remove the Warming Wafers from their sealed foil package and place in the EyeGiene Eye Mask.

 Yes. In most studies done with warm compresses, the target temperature for thinning the meibomian gland oils is 40℃-45℃ (104℉-113℉).  This is the temperature provided by The Insta-Warmth System™ when used in conjunction with the EyeGiene® Eye Mask.

Unlike other treatment methods such as warm washcloths and microwave heat packs which lose heat quickly, EyeGiene® delivers the ideal 40℃-45℃ temperature for the ideal time (more than 10 minutes).

The wafers activate automatically when removed from their sealed foil package and placed into the EyeGiene® Eye Mask.

The EyeGiene® System reaches the target temperature within a few minutes, giving you time to relax, get comfortable, and put on the mask. The warmth will continue for over 10 minutes. Once the temperature cools, you may remove the mask.

The Eyegiene® System starter kits come complete with one eye mask and 10 pairs (20) of Warming Wafers. The refill kit has 30 pairs of Warming Wafers.

The EyeGiene® Eye Mask can be hand washed in cold water with dishwashing or delicate laundry detergent, and air dried. The Mask may last 3- 6 months or longer depending on the frequency of washings. You may choose to wash your Eye Mask as often as desired.

The EyeGiene® Warming Wafers are designed to work with the specially designed EyeGiene® Eye Mask. The Warming Wafers will not reach full temperature unless inserted into the EyeGiene® Eye Mask and applied to the eyelids. By design, the Warming Wafers will not feel very warm when held in your hand.

No. You should not place more than one Warming Wafer into a single side of the Eye Mask.

As with any warming product, individuals may react differently to The EyeGiene® System. If there is any concern, patients should ask their doctor prior to use. Consult your eye care specialist before using EyeGiene® if you have recently undergone any surgical procedures on your eyes or eyelids including LASIK or cataract surgery.