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Dry Eye News at Vision Expo West

Dry Eye News TV Live at Vision Expo West, speaking with Barry Linder, MD on what he thinks eye doctors have to do better when treating patients with dry eye disease. Watch interview here: […]

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Treating Dry Eyes Naturally: How the Soothing Power of Dry Heat Can Offer You The Relief You Deserve

For many of us dry, itchy, and irritated eyes are merely a fact of daily life. However, dry eyes do not only impact quality of life, but if left untreated can increase our chances of developing serious eye conditions including worse visual function. Fortunately, relief and treatment for dry eyes is available. EyeGiene® is an […]

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Why Are My Eyes So Dry? 10 Things That Cause Dry Eye

Many people experience dry eye symptoms at one point or another, but chronic dry eyes is a serious condition that can cause discomfort and disturbed vision if left untreated. Fortunately, relief is available. The soothing dry heat of EyeGiene can help relieve your dry eye symptoms with minimal effort and no mess. Dry Eye Symptoms […]

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