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EyeGiene Product Purchases are Qualified FSA-HSA Expenses

FSA and HSA Reimbursements for EyeGiene Products

EyeGiene Dry Eye Treatment products are eligible for reimbursement from FSA and HSA accounts. Pay for your dry eye treatments with pre-tax dollars. […]

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Dry Eye Disease Treatments Eligible for Insurance Coverage

Optometrist Discusses Dry Eye with Patient

Dry Eye Disease is a medical condition, so your medical insurance may cover treatment expenses. Vision care policies likely will not. Check with your insurers! […]

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Treat Dry Eye Conditions Before and After Cataract Surgery

ophthalmologist conducting cataract surgery

Ophthalmologists check for evidence of Dry Eye Disease before conducting cataract surgery. Untreated Dry Eye can impact post-surgery patient vision outcomes. […]

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