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How EyeGiene Warm Eye Compresses Help You Sleep

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If you have ever struggled to sleep when you need to, you likely know how draining a lack of sleep is. Getting sufficient sleep is important for maintaining overall health. Your sleep habits may influence your moods, your work productivity, your weight, your brain, your cardiovascular system, and many other aspects of your health and how you function.

You can employ a variety of strategies to promote good sleep. Some install blackout curtains, others take a sleep aid. And you may also try to eliminate artificial light from your bedroom at night. One way to ensure minimal nighttime light and proper rest is to wear eye masks for sleeping. Many individuals who wear eye masks for dry eyes have already discovered this beneficial side effect. Read on to explore how wearing eye masks as sleep aids could dramatically improve your life.

Use a Sleep Mask to Help Yourself Sleep Better

Establish an effective bedtime routine as the first step in changing your sleeping patterns. Close the window treatments in your bedroom, so lights from outside will not keep you awake. Make sure the lights are turned off. And keep your phone and other devices some place where they won’t be visible.

Wearing an eye mask at night also prevents natural and artificial light from disturbing your rest. Unless you are able to completely black out your entire bedroom at night, which isn’t always practical or safe, an eye mask is a convenient tool to shut out light. This is vital because exposure to artificial light while you’re sleeping can significantly affect the quality and amount of rest you experience.

In addition to blocking out light, a sleep mask may be the most calming part of your nighttime routine. This means that as you wind down and prepare for sleep, wearing a mask over your eyes can have an immediate effect on your brain. The eye mask serves as an indication that all is calm in your environment, inducing the reaction you need from your body and mind to fall asleep.

Why Does a Heated Eye Mask Work as a Sleep Aid?

Once you decide to wear a sleep mask, it’s important to choose the right one. There are regular masks that work only as a sleep accessory. However, a warming mask could be the better option. Wearing a heated mask is like being wrapped in a safe, warm cocoon of comfort. The combination of solid darkness and eye warmth is not only conducive to falling asleep, but also to staying asleep and achieving the deep rest that everyone requires for good health.

Heated eye masks, such as EyeGiene® warm eye compresses, are used by countless people who suffer from Dry Eye disease. The compresses help to stimulate oil secretions from the glands in your eyelids. This improves tear balance, leading to better eye hydration. As mentioned previously, many of these same people have learned that the EyeGiene warming masks also relax them and completely block light. This makes them the perfect sleep aid for bedtime. Some have even discovered that EyeGiene warm masks help greatly with sleep while traveling, whether along the way on a train, plane, or bus, and upon arrival at the destination.

Improve Your Sleep with EyeGiene Home Treatments for Dry Eye

Getting proper rest is essential to your overall health. Whether or not you suffer from dry eye disease, wearing a warm eye mask can be an ideal solution to chronic or temporary sleeplessness. EyeGiene offers one of the best eye masks for dry eye on the market. These convenient Insta-Warmth™ compresses may be just what you need to finally start getting better rest.

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