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Professional Endorsements for EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth™ System

Easy to Use EyeGiene Eye Mask

The EyeGiene team is pleased to have recently received important endorsements from influential eye care professionals that confirm the effectiveness of our Insta-Warmth eye mask system in controlling Meibomian gland dysfunction, which is a fundamental cause of Dry Eye Disease in up to 85% of cases.

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Top Eye Care Professional Endorsements for EyeGiene Dry Eye Home Treatments

“The EyeGiene technology is one of the most effective options for patients with Meibomian gland dysfunction or evaporative dry eye disease, conditions that affect the vast majority of people in the world today. The technology allows for consistent and optimal heat to soften the meibum and provide excellent symptom relief in my experience with patients.

It is convenient, easy to use and different from all other products in this space. Patients comment on the relief they feel, which drives continuous utilization. Patients have been needing a unique product like EyeGiene that has differentiated itself in effectiveness, convenience and especially the impressive positive patient response. It’s one of the most effective products for one of the largest patient populations in the world.”

Paul M Karpecki, OD, FAAO
Medical Director, Keplr Vision
Director of Cornea & External Disease, Kentucky Eye Institute
Associate Professor, KYCO
Chief Medical Editor, Review of Optometry

“Consistency matters. The strong doctor recommendation of EyeGiene products coupled with diligent patient adherence to the treatment recommendations result in greater effectiveness for the doctor and more importantly, results in greater clinical improvements for the patient.”

Laura Periman, MD
Founder and Director of Dry Eye Services and Clinical Research
Periman Eye Institute

“I am a Cataract and Refractive surgeon with my practice in Hong Kong. So, I see a lot of patients with Dry Eye Disease. I have been using EyeGiene as warm compress treatment for these patients for 7 years. EyeGiene is simple to use, easy to carry and keeps warm for more than 10 minutes. My patients all have good feedback after using EyeGiene.”

Partner, Hong Kong Ophthalmic Associates

EyeGiene Meibomian Gland Dysfunction Heat Therapy

“Dr. Donald Korb is widely recognized as the foremost researcher in the field of Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). What is known is the glands can get inspissated—a medical term roughly equating to ‘constipation’ of the glands. Heat is effective in melting the waxy buildup that takes place in the gland. A simple question then is, how hot does it need to be to be effective, and for how long?

Dr. Korb’s research (that has since been corroborated) is that the heat needs to be at 10 degrees above skin temperature. While twenty minutes of applied heat is optimal, ten minutes results in a clinically measurable improvement—and is much more likely for patients to be able to follow.

Here is where the value of EyeGiene lies—the pads reach effective temperature, and stay at effective temperature for more than ten minutes. Further, they are quick and easy to use—no soaking in hot water or microwaving. Virtually all of the current treatments do not stay hot enough long enough. Easy to use and effective—the value proposition of EyeGiene.”

Randall Fuerst OD, FAAO
EyeCenter Optometric