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Looking for Relief for Your Dry Eyes?

Managing Dry Eye Disease (DED) can be challenging, especially if a treatment or product causes additional issues. Using eyedrops for dry eyes may seem like a quick fix for the irritating symptoms of DED, but this at-home treatment option can lead to further symptoms. Before you turn to a bottle of drops for Dry Eye relief, be sure that you know the potential risks involved.

Alternatives to Eye Drops – Treating Chronic Dry Eye and Dry Eye Disease

Fortunately, there are eyedrop alternatives to treat Dry Eyes at home. A good place to start is with supplements, which are easily accessible without a prescription. Another proven remedy is the application of a warm compress. This can alleviate the symptoms of DED and is also helpful for those with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

EyeGiene® Dry Eye Treatment Solution

EyeGiene® is a non-invasive choice for Dry Eye sufferers that treats the underlying condition rather than just the symptoms. Our supplements promote your long-term eye health. Our EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth™  eye mask system with Warming Wafers provides safe, effective, and affordable relief from the symptoms of DED and MGD. You can get started by ordering a starter kit and supplements today!

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