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EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth Dry Eye Mask Product Reviews

Here are testimonials from the customers who have found EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth Dry Heat Compresses effective in relieving the symptoms of Dry Eye Disease.

A selection of EyeGiene Product Reviews

I love this product. I’m on my third box! They provide just the right amount of heat, for just the right amount of time. Not only does it help dry eye, but it’s quite relaxing. It’s like a warm hug for my eyes!

~Kim H.

I like that I can use a product that is safe to use instead of eye drops. I can sit and relax while it soothes my eyes.

~Tom H.

This product is outstanding!! My eye doctor mentioned it to me…and upon using it nightly have had zero “dry eye attacks” at night causing poor sight and urgent visits to the eye doctor.

~Allison S.

Love this product. Used it for a Chalazion I have on my eye and it has helped it much better than hot wash cloths. The heat is even, lasts longer and my Chalazion is down to a fraction of the size in just a few weeks rather than months.


I suffer from MGD and have used various eye warming masks. I’ve used the USB plug-ins, assorted microwavable ones and other on- time use masks with the flimsy ear pieces. I used this for the first time last night and here are my opinions and observations. I find the mask itself more comfortable than the ones that use Velcro to hold them on your head. The size of the eye pieces fit my eyes better than all the other eye masks that I’ve used. The headband holds the eye pads snuggly to your eyes so the warmth really reaches them…Can’t say that about the fit in the other disposable masks. It is lightweight which adds to the comfort. The microwavable masks with the beads in them are heavier and can be warmer depending on how long you leave them in the microwave but the Velcro and the size and shape of the mask don’t allow the mask to mold around my eyes like the EyeGiene does. Also when you travel you don’t always have access to a microwave. The one downside to these for me is the cost. Refills are still close to $1 per day if you use them once a day but I really like this system because of the way it fits so I’ll probably continue to use it supplemented with the microwavable mask.

~P. Hudson

This is an amazing product for dry eyes! I’ve been using this for about 3 years and never leave home without them! I travel about half of the year and between the planes and hotels, my eyes get so, so dry. I use these every night! Not only does it help to put me to sleep, but then I wake up with normal eyes in the morning!

~Heather M.

Excellent product. I have blepharitis and it has helped tremendously…If you want to end your dry, scratchy, irritated eyes, and this is the product to use, GREAT for travel!

~Caroline C.

LOVE this product! It improved my dry eye problem immediately and allowed the glands of my eyes to produce natural tears. The mask is comfortable to wear and very relaxing.

~Jane C.

I love this thing! If fits very comfortably, blocking out every bit of light, although that’s not what its purpose is. It’s the most comfortable mask I’ve ever worn. The warming pads make it feel even better and my dry eyes have seen some improvement. I highly recommend this product.


A ‘must have’ for those with dry/fatigued eyes or those who travel often. Given my constant exposure to screens and devices, my ophthalmologist recommended this to me for relief and relaxation. When I was on the road (pre-Covid), it was always in my carry-on. Highly recommend!

~Inez L.

Fantastic product!! If you have dry eyes for any reason and/or wish to visually not be distracted to get a good night’s sleep, this is a product to definitely consider! The headband is adjustable, the automatic warming eye-wafers fit easily inside, and the seller is excellent about communications if you have any issues, at least in my experience with them thus far.

~Allison S.

This is surprisingly comforting on the eyes. The amount of heat is just right and the pads are easy to apply. I use it to bootstrap my meditation practice because I find that warmth to the eyes produces a significant relaxation response. I use this on airplanes for the same reasons: It’s both as an eye mask and an aid to falling asleep.

~Fred R.

I only needed heat on one eye. I had to open the patch package which has 2 patches in it. As soon as you open the package the patches begin heating up and have to be used. For people who only need a patch on one eye it would be less wasteful if each package had one patch instead of 2.I could have gotton twice as many uses from the box.

~Troy H.

After wearing this product your eyes feel like a day at the spa, I usually wear it for 15 to 20 minutes.

~Linda K.

This order is to replace the eyegiene we bought a couple of years ago. Both my wife and I have one each. Her strap came off and mine was getting a little old. Definitely better than using a warm wet towel. You have our recommendations. Better if the warm pads are individually packed instead of 2 per pack. Many times, treatment is for one eye only.


This concept is fantastic. I only wish I had found it about 2 years ago. I will use forever as I have severe dry eyes and this is so soothing


Love this product. It was just warm enough, helped to bring down swelling in right eye.