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why do moist compresses not work to treat dry eye disease

eye mask for dry eyes

Why Do Dry Treatments for Dry Eye Disease Work So Well?

It is a bit ironic that “Dry Eye Disease” can often be treated without having to resort to eye drops or damp compresses. In 85-90% of cases, dry eye symptoms can actually be treated using a dry warm compress or pad that provides sufficient temperature to loosen the oils that provide a critical component of tears.

How Dry Heat Treats Dry Eye Disease

As you do your research on dry eye disease treatments, you will find that many warm compresses talk about “moist” heat, as if adding moisture on the eyelid surface will have any impact on the tear film under the lids.  Of course, it will not!  This is a marketing ploy that plays on the fact that the disease is called “dry eye.”  The claim is “anything that is ‘moist’ must be good!”Read More »Why Do Dry Treatments for Dry Eye Disease Work So Well?