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What is mask assisted dry eye

CORE MADE Graphic Mask-Assisted Dry Eye

Face Masks Can Cause Mask-Assisted Dry Eye Symptoms – How to Treat?

The use of face masks has been determined over the months of the pandemic to be essential to slow down the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. As with any change in behavior, though, there are unanticipated impacts. In this case, when a loosely worn mask redirects your breath upwards past your eyes, it can cause tears to evaporate more quickly. This leads to a new phenomenon: Increased reports of “dry eyes” to eye care professionals (ECPs).

The Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE) at the University of Waterloo in Canada are advising ECPs and dry eye sufferers on how to recognize what is now called “mask-associated dry eye” or MADE. And CORE is sharing methods to mitigate the causes and symptoms.

“Face masks are crucial in the fight against COVID-19, and ECPs are well-positioned to provide patients with advice on appropriate wear in order to maximize eye comfort,” said Dr. Lyndon Jones, director of CORE. “Asking patients about their mask-wearing experiences and providing a few helpful tips takes little time and can make a substantial difference.”

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