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Randall Fuerst OD Discusses EyeGiene Value to Optometry Practice

EyeGiene Testimonial Dr. Fuerst

We all appreciate the impact of meibomian gland disease (MGD) on the ocular surface and eyelids. Treatment should be initiated as early as possible to minimize gland necrosis and drop out. The protocol isn’t rocket science. If you have advanced technologies that can be used in office, such as LipiFlow, Tear Care, IPL, or other specific MGD focused treatment, you bring valuable care to your patients. Topical pharmaceuticals such as Lotemax, Tobradex, and Azasite have shown to be effective in decreasing inflammation and the collagen damage to the lids. Oral doxycycline is also routinely used. Lid debridement with BlephEx and other technologies such as NuLids are of substantive value.

Patient Compliance Rises with Ease of EyeGiene Insta-Warmth Mask at Home

This is but half of the equation one needs to consider when treating MGD. Akin to a dentist providing twice yearly teeth cleaning in office, it is the patient’s responsibility to help with daily brushing and flossing. More and more of our colleagues provide blepharitis kits— with heat, lid cleaner, and nutriceutical omega III—for home use. Collectively, we can turn the tide against blepharitis and MGD.

I recommend EyeGiene masks for daily home use by my patients. Donald Korb, OD has pioneered substantial work with respect to MGD. His research shows that patients need a minimum of 10 minutes of heat applied to the lids that maintains a temperature of 10 degrees above skin temperature. Many of the masks that are heated in the microwave drop below the effective temperature in between 3-5 minutes. Further, patient compliance is probably the greatest concern for me. While well intentioned, many patients balk at the process of heating the masks, then applying. EyeGiene works better for me, as patients can simply grab a packet of the telfa-pad sized heating pads. Once inserted into the mask, they are catalytically activated, quickly reaching effective temperature and lasting for more than the 10 minutes I ask them to wear them. Thus, the patient can have the masks at their nightstand and start the process of wearing them quickly and easily. I have been surprised at how many patients have complained of the hassle factor of getting a microwaved mask, traversing to the kitchen, waiting for the mask to heat up adequately, and then wearing them. Simply tear open the packet with the pads, insert into the EyeGiene masks, and you are ready to go.

High Patient Satisfaction with EyeGiene to Relieve Symptoms of Dry Eye Disease

I have a number of patients who have been using the EyeGiene mask for years, remarking how much they appreciate the simplicity and ease of use. Further, the continued purchasing of the replacement pads helps quantify and qualify patient compliance. Bruder masks have their place—but you have no way of knowing whether or not the patient is using the mask and whether they are effective or not.

Thus, ease of use, maintaining the target heat level over the minimum 10 minutes, and patient acceptance have proven EyeGiene to be a valuable tool in my battle against meibomian gland disease.